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Competitions & Tournaments

Maffra Club Easter Weekend of Golf March 29th - April 1st 2024

Conditions of entry

1:  Entrance fees must be paid prior to playing in the competition.

2:  The match committee of the Maffra Golf Club shall have the entire management of the competition and shall have full power to alter or vary the program, also to fix and make alterations to any handicap before any event.

3:  Handicap events are open to amateurs and professional golfers with a registered GA handicap, who are members of Constituent or Registered Clubs of the Victorian Golf Association, or who are members of Golf clubs registered with such overseas organizations as are affiliated with or recognized by this association, and the committee shall have the right to refuse the entry of any person without being required to give any reason for such refusal.

     Professionals are not eligible for Stroke events.

4:  Competitions shall be played in accordance with Rules of Golf as adopted by the Royal and Ancient Club of St Andrews, together with such Local Rules as are in force on the links over which competition takes place. If a dispute arises on any point, the committee in charge of the competition shall decide it, whose decision shall be final.

5:  All handicaps must be current. The tournament committee may, before or after any event make any alterations in same, which in its absolute discretion deem advisable.

7:  In the event of a tie in any handicap events a count back as per the World Handicap System will be made.

8:  No competitor shall be permitted to win more than one event on any day of the meeting, and if successful in more than one event a competitor must make an election as to which event he or she will be credited.

9:  The Tournament Committee shall have the right to alter or vary the conditions of the program and it may on account of inclement weather, or any other reason, either shorten any event or fixture another day for the same.

10: The Tournament Committee shall have the right to alter or vary the grade distribution due to the size of the field.

11: Competitors not ready to start at their appointed time a liable to disqualification, but the committee may, if it thinks fit, permit any such competitor to start at a later time.

12: Entry to this Tournament entitles competitors to temporary membership of the Maffra Golf Club for the duration of advertised competitions.

13: The Tournament committee may refuse to accept entry to the tournament.

2024 Monthly Program

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